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Online appointment booking & scheduling for chefs

Assantewa Heubi
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Online appointment booking & scheduling for chefs

Online Calendar Scheduling & Appointment Booking For Chefs.

Food is nourishment for both the body and the soul. That's probably why it's such a key part of how we connect. From casual family dinners to formal events, food plays an essential role. While we don't eat in restaurants as often these days, we still seek unique culinary experiences. Which is why more people are choosing to treat themselves to meals crafted by private Chefs and local catering companies. It's pretty incredible to see how home dining has been transformed over the last few years. From guided wine tastings via video chat, to catered meals with friends miles away. We now have the option to enjoy unforgettable and innovative culinary events from the comfort of our own home.

Many people discover Personal Chefs on social media. Drawn in by exquisite photos of mouth-watering feasts, some of which are nostalgic in their tradition, and others wondrous in their experimentation. Many Chefs on Instagram are seasoned professionals, who have worked in world class kitchens, while others are well-established caterers, and some adventurous newcomers.

While all Chefs love to cook and create delicious moments that last in our memory, not all of them love the back and forth of scheduling. This is where comes in. Cal is a robust scheduling platform that Chefs can use to make their lives easier. Cal facilitates straightforward and easy online booking and integrates with multiple digital calendars. This avoids double-bookings and makes it easy for Chefs to consult with the prospective clients who discover them.

Think of it this way. If a Chef were to add their link to their personal website or social profile, a client could simply click on it and book a consultation right away. Which means no one has to play instant message tag. Cal's booking interface even has space for clients to leave crucial information, such as the type of dining experience they're looking for and the number of guests attending. also supports integrated video chat, which can drastically reduce the number of times a Chef has to go back and forth via email in order to sort out details with prospective clients. In addition to all of this, Cal can also support payments via stripe.

Private Chefs and catering companies can use all of Cal's features to connect with prospective customers and take the run-around out of scheduling. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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