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Online scheduling & appointment setting for small businesses

Assantewa Heubi
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Online scheduling & appointment setting for small businesses

Scheduling For Small Businesses with

Small businesses are the cornerstones of our economy. They help to make neighborhoods, towns, and cities unique vibrant spaces. From tenth generation hardware stores to newly opened cupcake bakeries, small businesses are places where people make both purchases and memories. One of the unique things about small businesses is the way in which they are highly adaptive and resilient. They understand the people they serve and achieve longevity by growing and changing organically with their communities.

Over the last two years, we've all had to do things differently. Many small businesses have invested in additional infrastructure, such as hand sanitization stations, in order to ensure their staff and clients feel safe and protected. However, not all health and safety measures that small businesses have had to implement are object-based. Some practices, such as enhanced cleaning schedules, in-store pickup, and physically distanced complaint staffing, are time-based. Unfortunately, time is a resource that we can't buy, and the more steps we have to complete within a specified time, the more complex things become.

Luckily is here to help. Cal is a white-label friendly online scheduling platform that can be used to organize everything from staff meetings to in-store pickup and local deliveries. Cal's online booking is great for reducing wait times and allows for easier management of in-office or in-store traffic. All of which can make it easier for small businesses to keep up with evolving public health measures. also supports round-robin appointment setting, and has built-in video integration, which is great for arranging virtual meetings. In addition, Cal is also open-source, secure, and privacy (CCPA, DSGVO, GDPR, HIPAA) compliant.

Small businesses can use to do everything from offering remote customer service to booking appointments and processing reservations. Cal can be integrated by business owners and managers in a number of ways. A custom Cal link can be shared as part of a website, a social media post or even an email signature. Instead of having to go back and forth consulting multiple agendas, small businesses can simply connect their already existing digital calendars to their profile.

From hiring new staff to reaching out to suppliers and loyal customers, Cal makes life easier for small business owners. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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