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Online scheduling for Ko-Fi

Assantewa Heubi
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Online scheduling for Ko-Fi

Use Cal With Ko-Fi

More people than ever before are turning their talents and passions into businesses. Ko-fi is a platform that helps creators make this transition. All businesses, whether art-based or otherwise, involve scheduling. Despite all the technology we have access to, it can be tricky to coordinate agendas and set up meetings in this day and age. After all, we have thousands of notifications, text messages, emails, and comments competing for attention, which means some things might be missed.

This is where comes in and makes scheduling effortless. Instead having to shuttle messages back and forth while cross comparing agendas, Ko-Fi users can simply share their personalized link. Cal makes it easy to book appointments and organize multi person meetings remotely.

Using Cal and Ko-Fi together is a great way for creatives to build their business and brands. Cal makes it easier to network, and host virtual events, like one-on-one meet and greets. also has built-in integrations for video calls and payment processing. As well as white-label features to keep your brand, first and foremost. Cal is also Google and Apple calendar compatible, helping to ensure that you don't end up double-booked.

Here are a few ways that you can use Cal with Ko-Fi.

How to get a personal Link

  • Sign Up for an account at

  • Login to your account.

  • Go to the events tab.

  • Create an event if you haven't already.

  • Copy the link of the event type you want to make available for bookings.

Option 1: Add A booking link to your Ko-fi Profile

  • Login to your ko-fi page.

  • Select Edit profile.

  • Paste or type your Cal. Column link into the website area.

  • Hit enter or click a blank spot on the page in order to save your link.

Option 2: Add A booking link Commissions

  • Login to your ko-fi page.

  • Scroll down to open commissions.

  • Add your link in the instructions to the buyer section.

  • Click any blank spot on the page in order to save your link.

Option 3: Share a Link in member posts

  • Login to your ko-fi page.

  • Login to your ko-fi page.

  • Scroll down to "share an update".

  • Choose The blog post format.

  • Right your message and add your link.

  • Choose your members from the audience drop-down box.

  • Click on the publish button.

Cal is here to empower creators. We'll focus on the scheduling, so you can focus on your art. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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