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Online calendar invitations for LinkedIn

Assantewa Heubi
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Online calendar invitations for LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn with

LinkedIn is a unique space where both individuals and organizations go to connect with each other. From resumes to blog posts, and personal development courses, LinkedIn works to meet social needs within a professional context. Therefore, it's no surprise that in addition to job hunting, LinkedIn is also used for networking. Most connections on LinkedIn are made through comments and direct messages. What happens, when you want to go beyond the inefficiencies of texting tag?

This is where comes in. Cal is an online scheduling platform that takes the guesswork out of coordinating multiple agendas. easily integrates with your existing digital calendars, like Apple, Google, and Outlook. Cal also supports video chat integration and is both white-label friendly and HIPAA compliant.

LinkedIn is the premier social media platform for business, and is the world's leading open scheduling platform, so it makes perfect sense to use these two dynamos together. Check out the simple instructions below, so you can start using with LinkedIn.

How to add to your Linkedin profile

  • Select the "Me" icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

  • Select "View Profile".

  • Select the "Grey Pencil" to edit your profile.

  • Scroll down to "Contact Info".

  • Select edit Contact Info.

  • Scroll down to "Website URL"

  • Select "Add Website".

  • Add your link to the "Website URL" field.

  • Choose "Other" as the type of website from the dropdown list.

  • A new field called "Type (Other)" will now appear.

  • Type something like "book a quick chat" or "my calendar".

  • Select save.

Cal is the obvious choice for professionals who know that time is of the essence. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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