Amir H. Hajizamani

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"Morning" Coffee + Discovery Chat with Amir

Start the workday* with me, a cup of coffee and a chat about the world of building great products and teams. A curiosity and discovery conversation - we can talk about working together, our respective projects or whatever's alive for you now!

☕️* Does not have to be the start of the day, "morning coffee" is more a ✨ vibe ✨ than a time.

🤔 If you can't find a time here, drop me an 
email to arrange another time to chat! More info about me on

💭 Why did I start doing this?

Virtual morning coffees started in 2020 as curiosity conversations. I'm not much of a morning person, and during the pandemic, I noticed that starting my day with a stimulating chat made the rest of it much better, it's the same for many others. So I started doing it more intentionally. Over time, considering timezone differences and people's availability, I've extended the concept to include non-morning times, so I don't miss out on good conversations :)

  • 40m