Marco van Damme

Co-Owner @ This is Performance B.V. | Driving sustainable businesses with OKRs |

With over 20 years of experience as a founder, owner, coach, and trainer, I help entrepreneurs shape flourishing and growing organizations. I have a background in corporate companies and complex project organizations that focus on software development and system integration, where I learned to understand key processes and identify financial pitfalls early on.

I have experience with successfully managing all aspects of software development companies, including implementing agile work methods such as OKR's, selecting, managing and training staff, developing and managing budgets, and setting and monitoring productivity goals.

I value knowledge and culture as the most valuable components of an organization, and I ensure continuous improvement and regular evaluations on these aspects. I am passionate, dedicated, and enthusiastic motivator who inspires and creates opportunities. As a pragmatic problem solver, I enjoy optimizing processes and results. Driven by the passion to bring out the best in people and guide them in their personal development. In short, I am a creative and intuitive entrepreneur with a strong focus on synergy between people and process. A customer-oriented thinker who welcomes change and sees passion as the best motivator to get the most out of people.