Sajix Inc

Harness the knowledge of seasoned technology leaders to craft cutting-edge products. Guide your product from ideation to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and attain significant scalability.

Unlock Your Potential, Embrace Technological Excellence.

With a storied history of excellence, we stand as the beacon of expertise, delivering IT solutions and services that empower organizations worldwide, since our inception in 2006. At Sajix Inc. our aim is to make technology more accesable and affordable which in result will bring Accessibility and affordability and Sustainability.

  • Data Digitization OCR tech enhances data accuracy and productivity by converting printed or handwritten text into digital formats with advanced algorithms.

  • Customer Engagement - AI-powered chatbots for better user experiences, across industries for streamlining processes and increasing satisfaction.
  • Quality Control - Harness the power of Playwright and Appium to deliver efficient, accurate, & comprehensive testing, ensuring enhanced software reliability and performance.

  • Data Visualization - Transform data into actionable KPIs for better business decisions. Leverage Metabase and Power BI to take data-driven decisions, enabling businesses to achieve strategic objectives.

  • DevOps Services - Streamline software delivery through automation, collaboration, and containerization. Leverage DevOps, CI/CD, Kubernetes & Docker with Jenkins, Agora CD, Fastlane & Circle CI.

  • Custom Solution - Tailored software designed for process optimization and enhancement, improving efficiency and boosting business operations with Microservice Architecture.

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