Shubham Saurabh

Co-Founder & CEO

I am having 8+ years of experience in scaling and building high-tech B2B products across industries like venture capital, prop-tech, health-tech, fin-tech, IoT, Deep-tech, Fashion & Apparel, Beauty & Cosmetics.

I spend 80% of my time playing with Browsers, you can call me browser expert if you want to, I won't mind :)

With Auditzy we are processing, around 20 Million+ data points everyday, empowering 100+ websites to track their website speed and performance in real-time, and trusted by 1350+ web-perf experts globally.

With Auditzy (stealth offering), we are increasing website conversion rates and reducing retargeting ads cost for the ecommerce companies, we are 101% sure it, as we have implemented the same for other brands too!

Now you are here, so let's discuss, not for sales but to understand each other businesses and offerings.