Jennifer Porter

The Special Needs Spa is your “Easy Button!”

The 'Spa' serves educators, caregivers, and service providers for those with special needs -- to help you renew your creativity, increase your impact, and rediscover your life!

I'm an author, an award-winning special educator, and a special needs mom of five, and I want to help you say goodbye to the guilt and burnout that accompanies not being able to "know everything" or "do it all" by yourself -- and say hello to some time to breathe!

At The Special Needs Spa, you'll find:
--FREE done-for-you resources
--custom-made resources (penny-pincher pleasing prices!)
--mini-courses (frugally friendly!)
--1:1 collaboration toward your goals (also super-affordable!)
--a compendium of other helpful resources (books, blogs, etc.) help you become more effective AND more joy-filled.

Free 1:1 Coaching Call (with coupon)

Get personal, step by step help with your most pressing technology, systems, behavior, or other questions. 1:1 sessions. We will work with your schedule needs (email [email protected] if you can't find a workable time slot).

GRAND OPENING SALE! 1:1 sessions can be scheduled for $7.50 per 30 minute call through October 1, 2024!
(Coupon codes can be applied in addition to the sale!)

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