Compass Design Co.

We’re a result-driven product design team to help ambitious businesses create user-first and modern experiences. Book a call with our sales team to discuss your project right away. Our Sales Team is not just the sales team. They are creative directors who have 10+ years of industry experience. So when you're booking a call with any one of us. You can expect a thoughtful and productive session.

Muhammad Qasim

Hey there! I'm Qasim👋, the Founder and Creative Director at Compass Design Co.

With a decade of experience in crafting unforgettable experiences, I've grown to become a top-rated plus professional on Upwork and cultivated a community of over 50K followers on Instagram 📸, where I share insights and educate aspiring designers.

At Compass Design, I've had the privilege of training and mentoring an incredibly talented team, ensuring we always deliver the highest quality work. My journey has evolved from hands-on designing to providing end-to-end creative direction – guiding projects from the spark of discovery to delivery.

I'm excited to chat about your project and explore how we can bring your vision to life together! Let's make something amazing.

Murtaza Usman

Greetings! I'm Murtaza Usman, a results-driven Business Development Manager at Compass Design Co., a premier design agency renowned for its expertise in product design and visual/UI design. With a rich tapestry of professional experiences and a robust background in freelancing, I bring a unique blend of skills that have been instrumental in driving business development initiatives.