Obtaining Zoom Client ID and Secret

  1. Open Zoom Marketplace and sign in with your Zoom account.

  2. On the upper right, click "Develop" => "Build App".

  3. On "OAuth", select "Create".

  4. Name your App.

  5. Choose "User-managed app" as the app type.

  6. De-select the option to publish the app on the Zoom App Marketplace.

  7. Click "Create".

  8. Now copy the Client ID and Client Secret to your .env file into the ZOOM_CLIENT_ID and ZOOM_CLIENT_SECRET fields.

  9. Set the Redirect URL for OAuth <Cal.com URL>/api/integrations/zoomvideo/callback replacing Cal.com URL with the URI at which your application runs.

  10. Also add the redirect URL given above as a allow list URL and enable "Subdomain check". Make sure, it says "saved" below the form.

  11. You don't need to provide basic information about your app. Instead click at "Scopes" and then at "+ Add Scopes". On the left, click the category "Meeting" and check the scope meeting:write.

  12. Click "Done".

  13. You're good to go. Now you can easily add your Zoom integration in the Cal.com settings.

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