Pre-fill fields

You can pre-fill a number of fields on the booking form by using their corresponding URL parameters. This can include the user’s name, email, or guests to be added to the booking.

Usually when they go to the link, all that is needed will be the time of the booking, and the form will be pre-filled with the information given.

Pre-filling booking fields can save a lot of time and speed up processes with filling out these forms, and assist with a smooth integration with your existing website or app.

You can pre-fill a user’s name and email address like so:[email protected]&name=John

The data is persisted through the 3 booking pages; and is used to prefill the booking form.

Guests can also be added to the link, there is also no limit to the amount of guests you wish to add.

These should be added to your link like this:

[email protected]&[email protected]

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