Manage an enterprise license key

If you wish to self-host with either our Ultimate plan or Platform plan, you need to purchase a License Key to do so.

Step 1: Log on to using your free account

Getting started on

Step 2: Click on New Deployment -> under step 1. Create a deployment

Step 3:

Click on Next Step, confirming the kind of deployment you'd like to create.

Step 4:

Give your deployment a name to identify later

Step 5: Select a plan and provide the payment details.

Step 6: You should now see your deployment as shown below and you can use this License Key, place it in the .env file in root, and start using in production

Deployment with `CALCOM_LICENSE_KEY`

Note that this License Key will only work in Production environment. To get a license key for development environment, please go to instead and acquire it in a similar way

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