Platform FAQ's

Answers to the most common questions about platform api and atoms.

1. What is an OAuth client?

  • A platform OAuth client enables you communicate with our api and manage your users.
  • It contains properties such as name, redirect uris and permissions required by your users.

2. What is a managed user?

  • A managed user is just a representation of your user within our database containing basic information like e-mail.
  • It can be used to manage the setup of integrations such as Google Calendar, your users bookings. availability, etc.
  • You should store information about the managed users in your database and use the access token to make api calls on their behalf.
  • No, a user and a managed user are not related in any way. We can consider them as two separate entities.
  • A "managed user" is completely independent of user accounts on and you don't need to register users on the web application.

4. What is an access token?

  • At the time of creating a managed user you'll be provided with an access token and a refresh token.
  • Each managed user is linked with an access token which helps us in identifying which users scheduling we need to handle.
  • The access token only lasts for 60 minutes after which you can query the refresh point with your refresh token which will give you a new access token.
  • Inside of atoms we handle access token refreshing part ourselves, outside of that you may need to handle the refreshing part yourselves.
  • Refresh tokens should never be exposed to the frontend, keep them secure and only use them on the backend.

5. What is an atom?

  • An atom is a customizable UI component that handles scheduling on behalf of your user.
  • Everything from the frontend to api calls is being handled by the atom, all you need to is import the atom and drop it in your code.

6. What are the minimun setup requirments for using atoms?

  • You need to have a project that uses React version 18 and above.
  • At the moment atoms are only supported in React, so there's no way to use them in vanilla js or any other popular framework.

7. Can recurring events be rescheduled?

  • No, at the moment you are only allowed to cancel a recurring event.

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