The following is a list of the types of data used within the Cal.com API:

IDA unique value used to identify resources."V0fra8eEgQwEpFhYG2vTzC3K"
Numeric IDA unique integer number used to identify resources.7
StringA string is a sequence of characters used to represent text."value"
IntegerAn integer is a number without decimals.1234
FloatA float is a number with decimals.
MapA data structure with a list of values assigned to a unique key.{ "key": "value" }
ListA data structure with only a list of values separated by a comma.["value", 1234, 12.34]
EnumAn Enum is a String with only a few possible valid values.A | B
DateAn Integer representing a date in milliseconds since the UNIX epoch.1540095775941
BooleanA Boolean is a type of two possible values representing true or false.true

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