Streamline bookings to the right people

The premier ChiliPiper alternative. With routing forms, you can ask questions of potential bookers to connect them with the right person or event automatically.

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Easy Routing Forms is passionate about making scheduling easy for everyone. Routing Forms is a tool that we’ve built in order to facilitate that.

Routing Forms is one of Cal’s modular features, which means that it can be enabled after visiting our app store and installing it for free.

Using Routing Forms lets potential meeting attendees answer a series of questions and then ensures that they’re directed to the correct bookable event type based on those answers.

Our Routing Forms are easy to customize and are no-code friendly. You can create custom forms in your account, or you can connect routing forms to external form builders like Typeform.

With Routing Forms, it’s easy for users to ensure that their clients are directed to the right booking every time.

Scheduling should be simple, and adding a routing form to your website is effortless.

With Cal, adding an embeddable routing form is as easy as clicking a button. Our platform lets you choose from a variety of embeddable formats.

You can also customize the look of your embed without having to touch a single line of code.

Once you’re ready, generates a pre-viewable block of HTML or React that you can copy and paste wherever you need to.

Embedding routing forms isn’t complicated, frustrating or difficult when you use

Use Routing Forms anytime, anywhere, with anyone

Use with Typeform

Connect your Typeform account with our Routing Forms to create a seamless, booker friendly experience

Embed anywhere

Embed your routing form on your site, in your emails, anywhere you want.

Webhook your responses

Utilize Webhooks when responses are submitted to push or pull data exactly where you need it to go

Let people book when it works for both of you