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Scheduling infrastructure for absolutely everyone.

The open source Calendly alternative. You are in charge of your own data, workflow and appearance.

Scheduling for companies and employees of

On Deck
Open Source Initiative
Mattermost Inc
Strive School
Nala Banking

“I use for every meeting. It literally saves me hours of scheduling back and forth by email. I love it so much that I’ve decided to step down as CEO of Deel to join as junior product manager.”

Alex Bouaziz
Alex Bouaziz
CEO, Deel

Built for teams that need more control

Scheduling tools are awesome. We're using them for business meetings, seminars, yoga classes and even calls
with our families. But most tools are very limited in terms of control and customisations.


100% white label

For most teams, scheduling is a core part of the product. We get rid of any design restrictions that come with alternatives.


100% in control

You are in control of your events, customer data, workflow and costs. The open core of offers you to make or request changes quickly.


100% customizable

Integrate Cal with your platform using our open API, built in customisation options and range of embed options. Perfect as infrastructure.


100% privacy is a HIPAA, DSGVO, GDPR and CCPA compliant calendly alternative that also runs on AWS GovCloud or Google Cloud for Goverment.

Say hello to unlimited

When the classic iframe embed isn't enough, you need to try Design, modify and adapt it your way.

Open Core Codebase
Custom styling
Webhooks & Integrations
Claim Username
Developer Open Source on GitHub

Open to anyone. Fork it, twist it. Flip it.

Join the community and help us build the best open source communications protocol for humans.

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Compare with other scheduling apps

Schedule meetings without the email tennis

Share availability anywhere you can share a link

Send your preferred times from wherever you are

Meet your invitee wherever they are

Never ask “what time works for you?” again.

Connect to the apps you already love to use comes with plenty of pre-installed apps, as well as the ability to build custom integrations for any platform.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Create new Google Calendar events automatically and check for busy times.

Outlook Calendar

Outlook Calendar

Automatically create new events in Outlook and check for your busy times.

Apple Calendar

Apple Calendar

Create bookings in Apple Calendar, even without exchanging ics files.



Add Zoom links for your meetings. Create individual rooms for each booking.



Accept payments for your meetings with Stripe. Easily charge for something like a yoga class.



Automate tasks in other apps when new events are scheduled.

Request one...

Use a service you’d love to see here? Let us know, it might already be in our pipeline or we can disuss adding it!

Scheduling as infrastructure.
Powering any business that involves humans.

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What people are saying

The community consist of open-source advocates, developers, contributors, entrepreneurs and many more amazing humans. See what they think:

Coolest domain. Check
Coolest mission. Check
Coolest product. Check
9:48 PM · Sep 15, 2021
ok I'm switching to, Calendly is an absolute unusable product I can't deal with it anymore, almost threw my laptop out of the window
8:49 AM · Nov 30, 2021
An open-source alternative to Calendly that can be self hosted, it's customizable and comes with its own API
7:06 PM · May 30, 2021 is one of the most exciting new open source projects.

Open source can be an amazing shortcut to iterate super fast. Self-hosting is a great way to take ownership of the products you use.
3:36 PM · May 11, 2021
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Help us build the best open source communications protocol for humans.
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Chaos yesterday, bliss tomorrow.
Scheduling sorted.



Scheduling chaos 😩



Scheduling bliss 😎



Scheduling bliss 😎

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