Reduce Time-to-Hire. Fill roles faster.

Stop playing email tag on interviews and make scheduling a competitive advantage.

Scheduling for Talent Acquisition using

Tailored to meet your talent acquisition needs

Build hiring pipelines that flow

With unlimited sub-teams, organize interviews by role, department, or hiring stage. Keep candidates moving smoothly through your process.

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Ace complex hiring logistics

Schedule panel interviews, assessments, and group sessions with ease using Managed, Collective and Round Robin events.

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Strengthen your employer brand through scheduling.

Create a consistent, on-brand experience from the first scheduling interaction onwards.

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An individual saves 6 hours/week

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Trust built by values & backed by numbers


Community ContributorsThe open source community finding vulnerabilities, and building new features.

2M+ has been used to schedule several millions of meetings


Open MetricsFrom company handbook, relevant KPIs and employees salaries

Fully compliant

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"More elegant than Calendly, more open than SavvyCal, works and it feels just right."

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"Amazing. I've been sharing it with everyone I know."


"I went from Calendly to and never looked back; more intuitive and open-source."

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"Just gave it a go and it's definitely the easiest meeting I've ever scheduled!"

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Enterprise-Grade Security

Secure and has all certifications needed to ensure full security.
Here to helpEnterprise level users have access to options that guarantee concierge level support.
Privacy firstUse hidden events as well as anonymized single-use booking links to protect your privacy.

Let people book when it works for both of you