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Adding an appointment link to your google business profile

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Adding an appointment link to your google business profile

Everyone uses Google

Google has become what the Yellow Pages once were. We reference the platform multiple times per day as part of work and conversation. Functionally, Google has filled a niche: part digital library, part help desk, and part crowd-sourced critique. These days, whenever a person has a question, the first place they go for answers is Google. Due to this, Google has become an integral part of our society's social, educational, and economic spheres.

Businesses of all sizes must ensure they are integrated within Google's platform to retain prospective clients. The easiest way for a business to establish a useful presence within the Google ecosystem is by creating a professional profile.

Setting up a Google business listing is a simple way to ensure your business can benefit from Google's infrastructure.

Adding an Appointment Link:

The more complete your Google business profile is, the better. After all, you want to ensure it does more than just tell people where your business is located. Your profile should provide a single snapshot that lets people know when your business is open and how they can contact you.

Adding a booking link to your Google profile is an easy way to streamline communication with prospective customers. Using means you don't have to spend extra time going back and forth when trying to coordinate, reschedule, or cancel appointments. Instead, all of this can be handled via your bookings dashboard. also integrates with your digital calendars and cross-references your availability schedules, which helps to ensure double bookings aren't an issue. In addition, is also white-label friendly and comes with embeddable widgets that allow you to add a booking interface to any web page you own.

How to Add a Booking Link to Your Profile:

  • Sign into the Gmail that's associated with your Google business profile.

  • Visit your business profile manager and select your business.

  • Or, simply Google your business and select the "edit" button.

  • Once you are on your business dashboard, scroll to the "info" tab.

  • From here, scroll down to "appointment links."

  • Once you're at the appointment links, click the pen-shaped "edit" button.

  • Add your booking link to the designated field, and click "apply."

Once you've finished adding your booking link to your Google business profile, you will have to wait while Google verifies and improves the link. However, once this has been completed, you can relax and enjoy the knowledge that you will be saving a lot of time in the near future. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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