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Appointment booking & scheduling infrastructure for wedding planners and coordinators

Assantewa Heubi
Assantewa HeubiContent Creator
Appointment booking & scheduling infrastructure for wedding planners and coordinators

Wedding planners are busy people; the perfect day won't just make itself. As a wedding planner, you have a lot of hats to wear, endless tasks to juggle, and multiple miracles to make happen. You must arrange everything from catering to rehearsals, locations, seating arrangements, photography, videography, and every other little thing needed to make a couple's special day magical.

As a wedding coordinator, you habitually put your heart and soul into ensuring that your clients have the best experience possible and can mark the start of their new lives together with a celebration to remember. is here to provide a calendar scheduling infrastructure platform that can support all the complexities and nuances found within the wedding planning industry.

We know wedding planners have a lot going on, so here are the top three things we'd love for you to know about us.

Number One: We're Open Source. 

If you or your team need to customize a facet of our product to ensure that it better serves you, that's something that's 100% possible. For example, if you wanted to customize the way the booking interface looks and adjust the fonts, text size, and colors, you could do that. You can extend the white labeling of the product beyond a simple logo so that it encompasses all of your brand's visuals.

Number Two: We Are Privacy Compliant And White Label Friendly. 

We don't need to have our logo all over your booking interface. We welcome and encourage our users to customize the product to reflect their brand's voice. In addition, our offerings are GDPR compliant, and our self-hosted product is Hippa compliant. What this means is that data belongs to you. We believe that the trust built by allowing you to have control of your information is far more important than making a couple of extra cents selling it. 

Number Three: We Make Everything Easier.

Since Cal incorporates payment processing via stripe and video conferencing, it's easier to connect with clients to book appointments and cancel and reschedule appointments without playing a game of email tag or voicemail ping pong. Our workflow feature automates the process of appointment reminders. Clients will receive an email or text message from a day to an hour before the appointment.

We know how much your clients mean to you. That's why wants to provide the perfect platform for you to use for all of your business calendar scheduling needs. 

As a wedding planning professional, you've got a lot to focus on, but luckily you know how to delegate, so let take care of all the scheduling while you take care of the bride and groom. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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