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Bookable Appointments and Events For WordPress

Assantewa Heubi
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Bookable Appointments and Events For WordPress

Using Cal with WordPress

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular content management systems. People use it to power blogs, podcasts, digital communities, online shops, and personal brands. 

The platform comes in two flavors, and is a beginner-friendly product with built-in web hosting and is the version of WordPress that people choose when they want a website that anyone can launch in a matter of minutes., on the other hand, is typically the service of choice for people who want to customize everything, love DIY environments, and have the time to learn new skills. Both services work with Cal’s plugin for WordPress, though you’ll need a premium account if you want to install any plugins as a user.

Using with WordPress makes scheduling meetings, hosting online events, and networking with other professionals and creators easy. Our platform is minimalistic, open source, and white-label friendly, which means it can seamlessly blend in with your existing projects and brand. In addition, Cal is also 100% open source and customizable, so you can tailor the experience to meet your business’s needs. 

How to install Cal for WordPress

There are two ways of installing Cal for WordPress. Option one: you can visit our app store and search for our WordPress app. Option two: you can log into your WordPress dashboard and search for among installable plugins.

Once you’ve installed Cal’s WordPress plugin, you’ll be able to add calendar embeds to your page or post using a simple shortcode. 

1[Cal url=/your_username/your_meetingid type=2 text=" Schedule a call with me"]

The shortcode is made up of three parts. The first part is your username and meeting ID. The second part is the type of embed; you can choose between type=1 (calendar embed) and type=2 (popup booking button). The final and third part is the text.

Using with WordPress is a simple way to extend your website’s capabilities and enhance your workflow. offers dynamic links and round-robin scheduling and has automated notifications to help ensure that neither you nor your guests miss any appointments. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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