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Cal.com launches v1.1 (i18n)

Bailey Pumfleet
Bailey PumfleetCo-Founder, Cal.com
Cal.com launches v1.1 (i18n)

Cal.com v.1.1: i18n (internationalization)

After an incredible v1.0 launch back on 15th September our team has been hard at work on the next release of Cal.com.

Much like with our first version, all of the decision-making has been hugely community-driven, which means that we prioritise the features and fixes that our users asked for.

Here’s what’s new:

i18n (internationalization)

Internationalization brings multilingual support, currency and date conversion to Cal.com to enable our platform to cross borders into new languages.

Our application now supports over 10 languages, which have all been translated by our team and the community.

Translations for the website and documentations are on the way, too.

Special thanks to: Peer Richelsen, Tiago Cruz, Yuki Shizuoka, Kristina Malajmare, Alexander E. Alvarado, Pedro Mendonça, Mihai Colceriu, Alex Van Andel, Egor Zaitsev, Lily Cabot, Kelvin Alfaro, Alice Denilam, Slava Melekhin, Cas, Alejandro Aguilar Higuera, Dennis Dev, Jimi Henning Braas, Thibault Granie, Bennet Robin Fabian, Omar López, Anton Podviaznikov

Set your own brand color

You can now set a custom brand color for your booking page to further customise your page to match your brand. Just head to settings and at the bottom of your profile, you will be able to add your custom brand color to the booking page.

Only create event on first calendar integration

Previously, if you had multiple calendar integrations added, Cal.com would add calendar events to every single connected calendar.

We’re working on a new, more intuitive UI where you can choose which of your calendars you’d like your events to go to, but for the meantime, we’ve pushed a fix that only creates events on the first calendar integration that you've added.

Manually reorder event types

You can now reorder the event types on your booking page! Before, event types were automatically ordered and there was no way to order them yourself.

Now, you can hover over your event types and use the arrows to organise your event types by moving them up and down, with the changes instantly reflecting on the booking page.

Updated the default event title

Instead of the previous default event title of “Meeting with Bailey Pumfleet”, it’s now something like “Meeting between Bailey Pumfleet and Connor Gargano”. This gives a picture of both people who are in the meeting.


We’ve added webhook support, allowing you to integrate the Cal.com booking flow with your application in a completely new way. Webhooks are super simple to create, and you can manage and test them right from within the Integrations page.

With this integration you can connect your own application to the events being created by cal.com or even use the Zapier Webhook feature to connect every other application that is supported by Zapier.

Read more about Zapier & Webhooks: https://zapier.com/page/webhooks/

Availability page revamp

We have an awesome new availability page redesign, which creates a much easier way for you to define your availability for Cal.com events.

We noticed that users had some confusion when setting their availability for events, so we completely redesigned the way you set availability to improve user experience. Head to the Availability page in the sidebar to get started.

Bookings page revamp

We’ve also made major improvements to the bookings page, making it considerably easier to view and manage your bookings from within the Cal.com interface.

Integrations page revamp

So we didn’t stop there, with two major pages already revamped. We also revamped the integrations page with a much cleaner interface which makes it incredibly easy to add new integrations and manage them in the most efficient way.

Easier access to the billing portal

It’s now much easier to access the billing portal to manage your subscription. You can now go to settings and click on the billing tab to go to do everything you need in one place.

Disable guests for event types

You can now change from within the event type settings whether you want attendees to be able to add additional guests.

Collect Payments with Stripe

We added Stripe support! Collect payments for certain event types with our Stripe integration, which lets you set different pricing per event type and receive payouts right from within the Cal.com platform.

This allows you to use Cal.com in so many amazing new ways. We can’t wait to see what services you sell within our platform.

Two Factor Authentication

We’ve wanted to add 2FA for a while, because we recognise that the data about the people you meet with is incredibly sensitive.

You can now enable two factor authentication from within the security tab in settings, and use a TOTP generator app like Google Authenticator to secure your account further.

Cal Sans

Together with Mark Davis, we launched our very own font: Cal Sans. We rolled it out across our website and our application, and use it as a key part of our new branding. We may be biased, but it does look pretty awesome.

Find the open-source repository here: https://github.com/calcom/font

And a ton more bug fixes

If we told you everything we’ve added and fixed, we’d still be writing this article in 2022.

We’ve squashed hundreds and hundreds of bugs and pushed improvements such as more types, tests, fallbacks and overall performance upgrades thanks to switching to tRPC.io and the new Edge Functions by Vercel.

A huge thank you to everyone who has reported issues to us and enabled us to build a better product.

We’re nowhere near done yet, though, and our team will be pushing forward with the same incredible speed and effort that we put into our v1.0 and v1.1 versions.

We’ve released about 200 new features and bug fixes last month, and we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Follow the journey

As you may have seen in the previous post, all of our KPIs are public at cal.com/open. The last 60 days since v.1.0 has been truly amazing in terms of adoption, usage and rate of engineering.

This month we’ve added a lot new metrics such as team salaries, runway, monthly burn, bookings per hour and more.

It’s exciting to see how much you, the community, is using the product, giving feedback, submitting bugs and proposing improvements. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Thank you,

Bailey, Peer and the
Cal.com Team.

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