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Bailey Pumfleet
Bailey PumfleetCo-Founder, launches v1.2

v1.2: Teams & stability


Cal has been busy working with BoxyHQ to deliver SAML SSO. This means that enterprises can connect their SSO directory and use it to login to SAML SSO makes things easier for account holders by providing a simple and secure authentication process. Basically, this means the user only needs to remember one set of login credentials. This feature is available to everyone with enterprise or an infrastructure plan.

Webhook improvements

We've been working on a variety of webhook improvements. For example, you can now use custom payload types and test your webhooks from within the application. The ability to test your webhooks from within the application makes it easier than ever to verify that the webhooks are working the way you want them to.

Teams revamp

The team's page also received a revamp. In addition, you can now view your whole team's availability at once. This makes it easier to avoid redundancies and ensure that your organization's needs are being met.

Import from Calendly & SavvyCal

Quite a few of our commercial infrastructure customers who have built products such as talent marketplaces have mentioned that existing customers may already have a Calendly or SavvyCal account and were curious if there was a way to import the user data.

With v.1.2 you can import event types, profile data and more from existing scheduling links during the onboarding. We'll soon be adding more providers.

Our goal is to make scheduling as open and accessible as possible and this helps customers make the right choice by not feeling locked in by other products.

Metadata & prefilled fields

Metadata and prefilled fields are a great way to pass extra useful information to It makes things easier by ensuring that a booking is returned through a webhook. This means that additional helpful information is sent from your platform to This enhances efficiency by reducing the steps needed to match users in your system with bookings.

Here's a practical example:

Imagine you're a bank, and a person registers an account with you online. As part of the account finalization process, the new client is prompted to book an onboarding call with your team. When you send the client a booking link without utilizing metadata and prefilled fields, it can take a lot longer to match up the booking profile with the user account in your own database.

You can avoid this by passing a user_id value as a URL parameter. This won't change the booking process for the client, but it will make things earlier for you and your team. Then, when the webhook is returned, you will receive the relevant metadata as part of the webhook payload.

We also have options that allow you to pass extra parameters in the booking URL that let you prefill the user's name, email and guests, which makes it even easier to make bookings.

Read more here:

Email improvements

As part of the latest upgrade, our emails have received a completely updated design. Now all automatic emails are translated into the appropriate language selected in your account settings. We've also refreshed all of the related code, so now it's easier than ever to modify and work with emails.

Stability & refactoring

As part of the v1.2 update, a huge amount of bugs were fixed & refactored. The majority of the work was improving the architecture of the whole platform. We eliminated bugs wherever and whenever they were found. This means that users can now enjoy a smoother experience.

Thank you for reading and being part of the community,

Bailey, Peer and the Team.

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