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Cal.com launches v1.3

Bailey Pumfleet
Bailey PumfleetCo-Founder, Cal.com
Cal.com launches v1.3

v1.3: Web3, SSO (SAML), Team Billing, Video Apps and more

We're super excited to release version 1.3, which includes a whole host of new features, including various video integrations, web3 functionality, new booking features and significant code and performance improvements.

Destination calendars

Destination calendars allows you to select which calendar to create events on. You can set this globally from the integrations page, and even select specific destination calendars per event type within the event type settings advanced options section.

SSO & Google signup

Using SAML Jackson from BoxyHQ, the app now supports Google and SAML signup via a redirect from the Cal.com website. It also allows signing in with multiple identities for the same email (only for self-hosted instances).

Team Billing

We've identified a critical bug that enabled new users who were invited to a team to get a free pro account without paying. We fixed this loophole and will notify all customers today. Going forward (as planned initially), we'll charge team owners on a per-seat basis for all non-pro members of a team.

This now means that rather than requiring each team member to individually set up billing and upgrade to pro, team owners can now be centrally billed for each of their team member's seats if they are not already upgraded to pro individually. This makes it incredibly easy for businesses to use Cal.com without the hassle of setting up each employee's billing.

Web3 App

We've now added crypto event types. Users can now create event types that require anyone wanting to book this type of event to own a token belonging to a certain smart contract.

Here's a tutorial on how to set up a web3 video meeting.

Huddle01 integration

We now support Huddle01, which is a web3 focused video conferencing solution that has a range of features that the web3 community will be sure to love. You can get started with Huddle01 conferencing simply by choosing it as a location in the event type settings.

Jitsi Meet integration

We've launched a Jitsi Meet integration, which allows you to schedule meetings on the open source hosted meet.jit.si service. We'll hopefully be adding support for self-hosted Jitsi Meet instances in the near future!

Tandem Video

This adds support for hosting meetings on Tandem, a virtual office solution that allows you to connect with your team in a unique and dynamic way.

Reason for rejection

When using opt-in event types, we've added an option to provide a reason when rejecting an event, which is then added to the rejection email sent to the invitee.

RTL (right-to-left) layout

We've added RTL layout support which automatically enables for the Arabic and Hebrew languages.

Added Heroku configuration

This configuration enables users to effortlessly deploy apps to Heroku, which is one of our community's favourite deployment options.

Performance improvements

We've improved the Mobile PSI Score for the booking pages, through the power of lazy loading. We're continuing to make improvements to make the application even faster.

Validation for event type availability

We've added more validation which ensures availability in the event type advanced settings can't have an end time before the start time. Also, it ensures availability in event type advanced settings can't have an end time of greater than 24 hours.

Better 2FA Interface and auth screens

We have an improved login flow with a dedicated two factor component, which looks and feels considerably better.

Location info for in-person or third party link events is now hidden from booking screens

This is a highly requested feature by our customers who didn't want the location of the meeting to be previewed on the booking pages, and instead only show the location data once the booking has been made or approved.

Survey after account deletion

We're dedicated to improving our product, so we've added a redirect to the survey after you delete your user account. This feedback is read constantly by our team and we use it to improve the product.

New brand color picker & validation

Some minor updates to the brand color settings now makes it much easier to choose your brand color for your booking pages.

Turborepo (Monorepo)

We've now migrated to a monorepo using Turborepo, a high-performance build system for JavaScript and TypeScript codebases, which now includes the application, the documentation, and we've now separated the Prisma database logic. This speeds up build time and improves DX immensly.

Zero TypeScript errors

For the past few months, we've been slowly fixing TypeScript errors in the project, and we're now at zero errors, which is an awesome achievement. Type safety is a huge player in making the product more stable.

New translations

We added full support for traditional and simplified Chinese, Czech, and we're working on Arabic, Hebrew, Swedish and Serbian.

Verified accounts

You can now visit cal.com/verified if you have a verified Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account to get verified on cal.com. We also make exceptions, just get in touch if you feel you should be verified.

We renamed Twitter and GitHub!

We've renamed both our twitter account to twitter.com/calcom and our GitHub organization & repository from github.com/calendso/calendso to github.com/calcom/cal.com. It looks super cool 😎

Added og-image for event types

Now when you share your event type link, there are new og-images that show on the social card.

Thank you for reading and being part of the Cal.com community,

Bailey, Peer and the
Cal.com Team.

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