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Cal.com launches v1.4

Bailey Pumfleet
Bailey PumfleetCo-Founder, Cal.com
Cal.com launches v1.4

v1.4 Buffer time, 24/12h format and many bug fixes

We’re super excited to release version 1.4, which includes a whole host of new features including custom Webhook template variables, buffer times before and after bookings, and many more.

12/24 hour format

A new time format field that lets you set 12/24 hour time format in the dashboard. It updates the booking page, availability page, and getting started page to use the new time format. It also adds it as an extra field in settings.

Improved theme picker for dark and light mode

Our users are now able to change the brand color with 3 digit hex codes and set the primary color for both dark and light mode

Improved discord webhook payload

It adds an event trigger to discord webhook payload as well as the event trigger to test payload

Outlook bug fixed

There was a recent bug that caused outlook events to not be considered in the availability. This has been fixed.

Link/In-person location

There is an option now for link meeting to separate it from the in-person. Small but significant UX improvement.

Fixed tablet view of event types

Better control of the fields inside the app as they no longer spill into each other

Pre-fill name and email if user logged in to the booking page

If you have a cal.com account and you are visiting someone elses link, your name and email will be pre-filled on the booking page which small but neat time-saving feature.

Meeting confirmation fix

Now the organizer is the only one who gets to confirm/reject the booking and this fix eliminates the problem where a guest/attendee would appear as the one to confirm/reject.

Buffer time before and after an event

Our frequently requested buffer time feature is live. You can select the buffer time for the meeting preparation as well as the cool-down time after the meeting.

Fixed a bug causing some users getting a free PRO account

Earlier this week we found a bug in our system which accidentially assigned PRO accounts to people who did not subscribed. Those accounts were turned back to TRIAL and the users were informed by email.

Upgrade for users without a customer ID

Customers can upgrade from FREE or TRIAL account without metadata

Updates on Booking Page

The highlight color of the text input boxes on the booking page was black which made it impossible to see if you have selected anything. Fix to this issue changed the selection color on these inputs.

Opt-in booking email that is also sent to attendee.

Now there is a feature that also sends emails to the attendees for opt-in bookings. Before, only the organizer gets an email to confirm/decline the opt-in booking.

Cancel/reschedule dialog

The cancelation/rescheduling page has been redesigned to make it more obvious what action to take. Initially the "cancel" button looked like you would cancel the reschedule action.

Phone location data

Phone data was missing from the location when the booking was being made with the Phone call location of the meeting. This has been fixed.

New languages

Together with the community, we added support for Arabic (RTL) and Ukrainian. We’ve also made the entire enterprise suite free for any Ukrainian Non-Profit https://cal.com/ukraine

This tagged release is fixing a lot of small things and we're setting the foundation for a bigger release very soon! Stay tuned.

Thank you for reading and being part of the Cal.com community,

Bailey, Peer and the
Cal.com Team

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