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Series A and v1.5

Peer Richelsen
Peer RichelsenCo-Founder,
Series A and v1.5

v1.5 Series A, App Store, API and much more

Today is a special day. We’re not only celebrating our 1st birthday after launching exactly 12 months ago on Product Hunt, but also announcing our 25M Series A led by Alexis Ohanian from Seven Seven Six with participation of Obvious Ventures, OSS Capital, Jack Altman, Tobi Lutke, Anthony Pompliano,, Larry Augustin, Remote First Capital and many more.

Journalists, download the press release and press kit.

Let’s dive straight into the release of version 1.5, which includes over 180 new features including our new App Store, the release of the API, new reschedule flow, dynamic booking links, and many other features and fixes.

App Store

Integrations are one of the most important parts of People connect with all different types of calendar providers, their preferred video conferencing tools, their favorite reminder apps, and more.

So, we built an entire App Store within, which completely revamps the structure of how apps work within into a more modular and extensible architecture. This makes it so much easier for developers to build apps for and is already bringing in a wave of new apps which enable you to do even more with our platform.

Learn more about how to launch your own app in our documentation.


The API has been one of the most long-awaited features in our queue. We paused official support for the API a while back, as the product was changing so rapidly it was very difficult to maintain all of the endpoints, but we’ve now created a brand new API that is available to enterprise customers and pro users on our hosted plan.

This enables so many new use cases for, such as building scheduling into your own app’s UI without any branding. That way, you can leverage our library of apps, complex time zone, and scheduling logic, and combine that with your own interface.

The API has been one of the most highly requested features by enterprise customers and we’re excited to deliver a new API today.

Request access here.

Multiple availability schedules

You can now create more than one availability schedule and assign whatever schedule you want to each event type. Your first created schedule will be the default, but you can create and assign as many schedules as you’d like.

Introducing Video

Thanks to a new partnership with, who is joining as an investor in our most recent Series A we’re more than excited to be officially launching Video, our native video conferencing service.

Wipe My Cal App

With the new Wipe My Cal app you can now reschedule all your upcoming meetings with the press of a button. Had an emergency come up? Just wipe your cal in one click.

Revamped reschedule flow

You can now either request a reschedule or reschedule an event yourself from the bookings page of the web app.

  • You can reschedule an event yourself to a specific time, or send a request to attendee to find a new available time

  • As user owner when rescheduling on success page you can see now a link to go back to bookings

  • When a host requests a new time, it finds your connected calendar and the original event gets updated with cancelled tag

Event Types page optimized

We deployed significant improvements on the Event Types page when it comes to reordering the event types as well as when any query is revalidated.

New JavaScript Embed SDK

Now you can get embed working with transparent background by controlling the text colors as well. A new step-by-step guide on embed installation is up on our docs page.

Learn more about the Embeds here.

For example, use yarn add @calcom/embed-react to add to your react app.

Checkbox added to hide notes

Once you toggle the check box to hide notes in the advanced settings of the Event Type, those notes won’t appear in the calendar invite.

‘Copy day’ functionality in the Availability page

Once you set up availability for one day, if some other days in the week have the same availability timings, you can now just copy timings into another day.

Dynamic group links

Allows bookers to dynamically create group links by adding users using + between their usernames. Also, it provides users to decide if they wish to allow dynamic group booking or not.

Try it with Peer and Bailey:

Availability is now on the main page of the event type settings

Availability is no longer in advanced settings of the event type.

Support redirecting to an external URL on successful booking

Let users choose a URL to go to after a successful booking and no longer show the error message.

Event Type dropdown

Changes to our event type dropdown with duplication, design and UI Slack App

We implemented the ability for slack to send certain requests. Commands we currently have are:

  • /today - View all your bookings for today

  • /create-event - Create an event without leaving Slack app

  • /links - Send your links into chat.

Microsoft Teams

We've shipped the Microsoft Teams App so you can schedule events with that will happen inside of Teams.

License banner

This prevents instances of commercial customers who were unaware of the license terms and breached the license by accident. This banner makes sure to explain the underlying license of the codebase.

New languages added

We added Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Swedish. now supports 24 languages thanks to a ton of community contributions. Thank you!

Pre-fill logged in user data

We’re now checking the session if a user is signed into the app to pre-fill your name and email when filling out someone else’s link. A simple feature that saves another few seconds of booking someone.

Performance optimisations

The open-source community has done an incredible job in reporting their findings of where our bottlenecks are, and helping us resolve these performance bottlenecks. In version 1.5, most parts of the booking flow, event types management pages and other screens have seen significant performance improvements. We’re committed to making a fast and snappy experience for all users.

Developer Experience (DX) Improvements

Our app now runs in strict mode, so we can maintain a clean and type-safe project. We have also worked on a lot of refactoring affecting hundreds and hundreds of files, so the code is now more modular, efficient and simple. Code comments and documentation has been improved in addition to this to help break down some of the more complex parts of the code.

And of course, we haven’t mentioned everything that went into this new release of There have been hundreds of fixes, small improvements and tweaks that may not be impressive enough to mention, but when they’re all put together, they make a much smoother and more polished product.

As always, we want to thank the team for their incredibly hard work. It’s now been exactly a year since we launched the first alpha release on Product Hunt, and we’re more than proud of how far has come not just as a product, but as a company in such a short space of time. We thank the open-source community for their valued contributions to the project, and most of all, we want to thank you, our customers, and future customers for helping us connect more people online.

This tagged release is one of the biggest releases so far and we're super excited about the new features and bugfixes of this release.

We'd love to know what you think!

Thank you for reading and being part of the community,

Peer, Bailey and the Team.

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