Sunday, May 15, 2022 · 2 min read launches v1.6

Peer Richelsen
Peer RichelsenCo-Founder, launches v1.6

v.1.6 Recurring Events, Zapier, HubSpot, Embeds, and more

API Keys

We have added API keys to our web app. Restrictions for Team Owners to downgrade their role With this feature, team Owner can downgrade their role only if they aren't the only Owner. Additionally, an Owner can only modify the roles of other members who aren't Owners. Admins can only modify members with the same or lesser roles.

HubSpot App

The HubSpot has been added to our App Store and you can use this integration to add bookings to your cloud-based CRM.

Improved flow of Event Type creation

There were a few issues we noticed in Event Type creation: values resetting when there is an error, the back button not taking you back to the event types page, etc. We launched an improved flow that addressed these issues.

Hash my URL

Users can now enable a setting in the event type which creates a hashed URL they can share with others without revealing their username. Once the booking is complete using this link, the link automatically expires and a new one is generated in its place.

Recurring Events

This frequently requested feature is finally live! Our users can now set up recurring events in the event type settings. With the booking of this kind of event, you will see all correspondent bookings created on the Bookings page.

Giphy App

Giphy App is now available in our App Store. With Giphy installed, users can implement a gif in their booking flow that appears on the booking confirmation page.

Embed Snippet generator

Users can now generate Embed Snippet for their Event Types (with 3 different ways to show on your website and various customizations.

Fix: Additional notes showing up in the calendar

There was a bug that was showing additional notes in the calendar instead of only showing up in the email confirmation. This has been fixed.

Zapier App

Zapier App is now added to our App Store and you can use this integration to trigger your workflows when a booking is created, rescheduled, or canceled.

Invalid Email Error in the booking flow

When entering an invalid email address in the booking flow, a specific error message will appear that indicates just that.

Autocomplete for 2FA codes

You can now enable autocomplete for 2FA codes from your password managers.

Deletion of disabled events

Going from Pro trial to Free will disable any extra events that you may have created, that couldn’t be removed before. Now you can delete disabled events from your Event Types page.

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