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Peer Richelsen
Peer Richelsen

v.1.7 Revamped booking system, grayed out days, seats, Admin Console

Cached calendars and greyed-out days

We rewrote the functionality for our date picker on the booking page from the ground up to check availability by the month, previously per day. This allows (future) attendees to see at a glance which days the organizer or team is available to meet: saving the frustration caused by repeatedly seeing “Already booked” after day selection. This also improved the performance and look and feel of our overall booking flow.

Seats in event types

seats in

This feature allows our users to implement seats in their meetings. In the advanced settings of the Event Type now there is an option to set the maximum number of attendees for the meeting.

Admin console

console for

We’ve launched the first MVP of the self-serve infrastructure admin console for self-hosting and managing deployments of your own instance. If you want to build a hiring marketplace, telehealth platform or anything that requires two humans to meet, head over to to get started without being required to book a sales call.

Microsoft Exchange 2013 and 2016 added to the App Store

This feature is for calendars hosted on Microsoft Exchange 2013 and 2016 on-premise servers.

Ability to change the location of the existing booking

This feature allows users to change the location of a booking. Email is sent to the organizer and attendees to notify them about the updated location.

“Opt-In Bookings” are now “Requires confirmation”

requires confirmation

We’ve renamed “Opt-In Bookings” to “Requires Confirmation” to make it more obvious. We also added a badge to the booking page.

Users Phone Number Option

Hosts of the meeting can now add a personal phone number for the location - instead of the person booking the meeting putting their own number.

External calendar ID to booking reference (Google Cal)

Customers were facing some errors from Google calendar that the event is not found. We noticed that when you change the destination calendar when you try to update or delete a booking on the previously selected booking, it would throw an error since it's searching for the booking on the currently selected calendar. We fixed this by adding the external calendar ID to 'bookingReference'.

Help Menu redesign

help menu for

We made some improvements to our Help Menu, allowing our users to reach out to us with feedback more smoothly.

Recurring event improvements

Loads of new improvements and fixes added to our Recurring Events feature:

  • Confirming recurring events is now much quicker
  • Rejected Recurring Booking was still showing up in Upcoming Bookings. This has been fixed
  • We now show "X events remaining" for a confirmed recurring event in the recurring tab

Installed Apps page revamp

Our old implementation of the Installed Apps page caused some confusion. It is used to show calendar apps and other apps that are not yet installed. Now it only shows necessary things that were installed by the user.

Location information display

This gives the user the ability to toggle whether or not the location they have entered is displayed publicly. It also lets the user know where the location is before they book the meeting.

UX improvements when setting default Event Type title

There was a certain bug that didn't allow users to update the title but it kept reverting to the old inserted value. This has been fixed.

Alert to describe the exclusion of options

As our recurring events don't support payments yet, we added an alert that prevents users from updating that event type with these exclusive options.

Google Meet & Zoom email clarification

This feature adds clarification to email when the user is booking a Zoom or Google Meet meeting. Previously it said that the meeting information will be provided when the event has been confirmed.

Disable impersonation option

Initially, when we deployed this feature it allowed our support team to impersonate accounts without permission. We tweaked this feature so it gives our users an option if they don't want to allow this.

More variables to event names and a dynamic field

This PR adds the ability to add the host's name, and location, and dynamically display the host or attendee's name in the booking title.

CalDav setup page

We moved CalDav integration setup into its own setup page, the same way we have for Apple Calendar and Zapier.

New customPrisma for hosted API

We added a new 'customPrisma()' for hosted API that will be used for the new Hosted API functionality. This allows self-hosted enterprise edition users to use the API through '' but point to their backend/database.

We'd love to know what you think!

Thank you for reading and being part of the community,

Peer, Bailey and the Team.