Monday, October 17, 2022 · 5 min read v2.1 - Booking limits, new workflow actions & more...

Ciarán Hanrahan
Ciarán HanrahanHead of Product v2.1 - Booking limits, new workflow actions & more...

Last month we had our biggest release to date where we completely redesigned our website and made several key improvements to user experience. V2.1’s release is focused on making improvements to existing features and fixing several crucial bugs.

New Booking limits: Booking Frequency

By popular request, we added a new booking limits feature to your event types setup, which allows you to limit how many times an event can be booked per day, week, or month before showing up unavailable.

Add a limit

New workflow actions and triggers

We released Workflows back in July enabling simple automation inside to send notifications and reminders enabling you to build processes around all your events.

We’ve now introduced a new trigger “After the event ends” and a new action “Send email to a specific email address”, enabling more use cases for the existing Workflows feature.

Fixed 24h vs am/pm on the Bookings page

Identifying the correct timezone people are in can sometimes be tricky. In the past, sometimes people saw the wrong time format for their location. To improve the experience, we changed the fall back time zone to AM/PM instead of 24 hours.

New features, improvements & fixes

New App: Fathom Analytics
Fathom Analytics provides simple, privacy-focused website analytics. Now you can track analytics of your bookings with Fathom. 

New App: QR Code in Event-Types
This small apps lets you generate a QR Code of your link which you can then download, embed or print.

Added “Unconfirmed” filter on the Bookings page with count
We’ve added a filter for Unconfirmed Bookings on the Bookings page with a badge indicating the number of unconfirmed meetings so you don’t miss any booking requests.

Event type reordering animates
We added animations to the reordering of event types so it feels smoother. Expect more of this in the coming months!

Schedule creation flow improvements
We added much-needed improvements in UX when you create a new schedule and hit the back arrow. Previously it appeared as though the schedule wasn’t saved. That’s now fixed.

Adding a guest is now an icon button instead of the text
Design improvements on the booking page which fixes an issue where the button text was overflowing, particularly in languages with longer words (looking at you, Germans).

Updated copy when deleting availability
Improved the feedback shown after deleting an availability schedule, as well as speeding up when this is shown.

Improved the load state when editing availability
We’ve addressed the loading behavior of the availability page to prevent the layout shifting on load, improving the experience using it.

Added animation to multiple toasts appearing on the page
The toasts (notifications that feedback when using the app) have improved UX when multiple are shown at the same time.

Mobile Booking page UI improvements 
Added a bottom padding in the date picker, changed the top and bottom borders color, and removed the border in the modal, giving it a sleeker look.

UI improvements in the Installed Apps page
Introduced categories and settings on the Installed Apps page, making it easier to find the configuration you need.

Calendar page fixes 

  • After the 2.0 release, there was an issue with the calendar list where an error appeared regarding the primary calendar, which referred to non-calendar apps not being filtered correctly. That resulted in the inability to delete the failed calendar connection or add any other calendar. 

  • The same bug was happening with Google Calendars that didn’t have all the permissions required by on installation.

Cancel button added to Team creation flow
There was an issue where you couldn’t navigate away from the Team creation page in the desktop app. Adding this button fixed the problem. 

Improved team layout when blocks have unequal content length
We noticed that the layout was a bit skewed when some team members had more written content than others. This design has been improved. 

Support for .eml calendar objects
This feature adds a custom URL Filter for extended support formats, currently accepting .eml and .ics only, but opens a potential to use more in the future, as needs come up.

TimezoneChange Dialogue
There is a dialogue now that will open in the app if the app recognizes that you’ve changed time zones. 

Embed Improvements

  • We added auto-scroll support back to focus where the iframe is. It now tries to avoid refocusing when the iframe is already mostly in focus.

  • We reduced CLS by detecting embed at the backend for Routing Forms. It also allows disabling the loader and giving a faster experience. For other pages, there is an additional delay of 500ms to allow embed UI changes to be committed to DOM.

  • Added uiDebug support that right now adds a border to mark where the iframe is exactly.

Improved animation on the public booking page
The animation has been made more explicit when showing the time slots on the public booking page.

Fallback to Cal Video
If there is an instance where the credentials of the meeting location would fail on booking creation, the location of the meeting automatically falls back to Cal Video. 

CalDAV improvements
After connecting, all fully supported CalDAV calendars will take into account events when checking the availability for conflicts.

  • Kerio Connect fully supported now

  • Zimbra fully supported now

Public API rework

  • Reworked almost all endpoints

  • Fixed and added new examples to our Postman collection

New App: Weather in your Calendar
Allows you to add the weather forecast of a specific city to your calendar. 

Link to Zapier templates
We now show links to all our Zapier templates in the installed apps. This gives a good overview of how the Zapier app can be used and new zaps with the triggers can be created with a simple button click.

Bookings pipeline improvements
Now new bookings will go through all calendar-related apps when created. So if you have Google Calendar or any other calendar, and also a CRM installed such as HubSpot or, the booking will be created automatically everywhere, not just the proper calendar.

App Store - Improvements
We’ve made a ton of improvements to make creating apps easier. App developers can now create either event-type-specific and general app settings.We also improved the stability of already existing Rainbow, Stripe and Giphy apps plus launched two new apps: “Weather in your Calendar” by vejnoe and QR Code App by PeerRich.


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