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Calendar scheduling infrastructure for art galleries

Assantewa Heubi
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Calendar scheduling infrastructure for art galleries

Calendar Scheduling Infrastructure For Art Galleries

When people think of art galleries, they often think of special events, exhibitions, paintings, sculptures, and installations. Most people rarely consider how these pieces came to be. Art Galleries are not only beacons of art and culture but communication hubs. Every painting, every event, and every moment in an art gallery is a careful curation of talent, vision, and communication.

Countless meetings occur; the gallery staff, press, board members, sponsors, and patrons must communicate effectively. Sometimes, things can get a little overwhelming when all of this is going on, especially if organized via email or phone tag. is built to help with that. Cal is a white-label open source scheduling infrastructure platform. Galleries can use Cal to organize everything from virtual meetings with artists to in-person meetings with buyers and collectors.

Art galleries can access a regular account, or they can customize Cal's open source code and host their own instance of our product with the infrastructure plan. Once they decide on the version of Cal they want to utilize, they can take advantage of multiple advanced scheduling infrastructure features. For example, Cal supports features such as round-robin scheduling, time zone support, automated appointment notification reminders, and hidden events.

Art galleries can also use Cal's availability schedules to attach different hours of operations to each bookable event. This means that if you have various departments, you can ensure that each booking or event relevant to that department reflects the working hours of the people staffed there. This feature is invaluable, especially if your gallery has multiple teams, such as an events management team, a curation team, and a patron services team.

Using Cal removes needless back and forth that's often part of organizing events and running a business. Scheduling a meeting becomes as simple as sending a link, and rescheduling is just as effortless. Cal lets arts professionals spend less time rearranging and trying to coordinate multiple schedules and more time focusing on what matters: communication, culture, and inspiration. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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