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Calendar scheduling infrastructure for consulates

Assantewa Heubi
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Calendar scheduling infrastructure for consulates

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Consulates are hubs, facilitating communication and security processes for citizens and foreign nationals. These vital government offices ensure citizens can access country-specific services even while traveling abroad. Consulates help promote trade and cultural exchange between the land and host countries. This, in turn, strengthens economic ties between nations and provides new growth opportunities.

How can help is an open-source, secure, stable, customizable calendar scheduling product. Our infrastructure allows organizations to manage round-robin scheduling, collective events, recurring meetings, and video conferencing. is a fully white-labeled product and has options for HIPAA and GDPR compliance. Using means no more back and forth when coordinating or rescheduling meetings; instead, you have to visit a link. As a product, we are both developer-friendly and user-friendly. This means that our software is accessible and usable regardless of how familiar an individual is with coding. For example, consulate employees can utilize our app store to add modular enhancements to their personal calendar scheduling environment. These apps can include tools like Zapier, Zoom, and Caldav. In addition, we also have options for integrating web3 tokens, routing forms, and automated reminders. Using makes it easy for consulates to manage internal employee scheduling and offer citizens enhanced options for booking in-person and virtual appointments.

Getting started with Cal

  • Visit so you can see what we’re all about.

  • From there, check out our plans to see which is best for you.

  • Next, hit that sign-up button. 

  • Then choose a username and enter an email address. 

  • Remember to create a password and then click the signup button. 

  • Alternatively, you can also create an account using SAML SSO or Google. 

  • Next, enter your full name and select your primary time zone. 

  • Select the black button labeled next. 

  • Choose the calendars you would like to connect with. 

  • Next, set your default availability schedule. 

  • Then upload a profile picture and some bio text. 

  • Next, click the finish button. 

  • Finally, create some bookable events, and share your meeting link.

Consulates are an essential governmental structure that helps to ensure citizens can access necessary services and support globally. At times, this may manifest as special events, community outreach, and raising awareness of local issues which disproportionately impact their citizens. Consulates do this in order to constructively preserve the rights and interests of their citizens within host countries. This is why it's so crucial that consulates have access to tools and resources that are capable of meeting their demands. Using allows consulates to provide their employees and citizens with stable, secure, and customizable calendar scheduling infrastructure. takes the stress out of scheduling and helps to ensure that the most valuable commodity of all, time, isn't wasted. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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