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Calendar scheduling infrastructure for spas

Assantewa Heubi
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Calendar scheduling infrastructure for spas

Investing in self-care

Spas come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They have been around for centuries and serve a crucial purpose in our society by providing an environment where people can cleanse and center themselves. Some spas are geothermal wonderlands; some are cozy places to retreat from the world. Spas offer an environment where people can relax and invest in self-care and wellness. Even a short trip can wipe away the weariness and worry accumulated in your body from weeks of work. The time spent relaxing and rejuvenating makes you feel better and positions you to be a better version of yourself. 

Making things easier for practitioners and clients is a calendar scheduling infrastructure platform that helps businesses like spas simplify the appointment booking process. supports payment integration via stripe, meaning clients can pay for services when they book them. Our features include things like round-robin scheduling, recurring events, opt-in bookings, automated notifications, stress-free rescheduling, and collective events. is open source, infrastructure ready, and can be used out of the box to manage large and small teams' scheduling needs. Any business can use to set up a company-wide scheduling platform or create and manage its own scheduling marketplace. This can be useful when working with multiple service providers like wellness practitioners on a contractual or freelance basis. In addition, has transparent pricing policies and packages suitable for all stages of business development, from ideation to incubation and expansion.

Customize the calendar scheduling experience was built around the idea that everyone should be able to access reliable and customizable scheduling. Because is open source, users can customize and build the integrations as they need them. However, even though we support DIY, it doesn't mean you need to be a coder to enjoy our product. has a wide variety of free pre-made apps that you can access to enhance and customize your experience. We support everything from routing forms to multiple availability schedules, hidden events, and single-use booking links. In addition, is also white-label compatible, which ensures that your brand remains, first and foremost, in the mind of your clients.

Make scheduling work for you

At Cal, we believe that digital calendar scheduling should enable people to spend more time connecting and less time cross-comparing schedules. Our product is focused on helping people get rid of extra back and forth, so they can make the most out of every moment. Unlike many other products, is a one size fits all scheduling solution. Using is the easiest way for a Spa to simplify its calendar scheduling process and free additional resources. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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