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Customizable calendar scheduling for food trucks

Assantewa Heubi
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Customizable calendar scheduling for food trucks

What do food trucks have to do with calendars?

When we think about food trucks, we often reminisce about late-night culinary discoveries and hidden gems. We rarely think about the people who operate the trucks and create the unique dishes that revitalize us. From sweet to savory, food trucks cater to every taste, want, and need. That means that they've got a lot to manage. It's not just organizing the schedules of employees or co-owners. It's also speaking with suppliers, organizing event menus, and handling everything from licensing to brand development and marketing. Food trucks need calendar scheduling solutions that can account for the inherent flexibility required by the industry; one place where they can easily manage bookings, cancellations, payments, and anything else that may come up. is an open-source calendar scheduling platform built with everyone in mind. Our platform is minimalistic, white-label friendly, and 100% customizable. Food truck owners and operators can use to create the exact scheduling environment they need.

How food trucks can use calendar scheduling infrastructure.

With, food trucks can organize everything from recruitment to client consultations, team meetings, and day-to-day scheduling. works because our core goal is to make it easy for people to meet. does this by connecting your digital calendars to our platform, ensuring appointments are only booked when you're free. In addition, to make it even easier, also accommodates multiple time zones and payment processing. 

We also support round-robin appointment booking, which is great if you own two or more food trucks. Food truck owners can also take advantage of our workflows feature to automate the appointment notification and reminder process. Using to meet your business's scheduling needs is an easy way to eliminate scheduling headaches before they happen.

What about customization?

Food trucks are known for constantly changing and innovating how people experience and conceptualize culinary experiences. At Cal, we're doing something similar with scheduling. doesn't put limits on what calendar scheduling can be. Instead, we let people create the scheduling environment they need based on who they are, what their business is, and how they want to use it.'s open source, which means it's 100% customizable. We offer a variety of plans for businesses of all sizes. Our team plan lets you remove's branding so your prospective clients can connect with you via a neutral booking interface.'s Ultimate plan supports extensive white labeling and offers on-premises or dedicated Cloud hosting options. The Platform plan is ideal for people and projects that want to truly control every aspect of the appointment booking and scheduling experience. It comes with full white labeling support, SDK platform-focused API endpoints, and options for both basic and advanced paid support add-ons.

These features come together to create a scheduling infrastructure product that is committed to usability and longevity. When food truck owners and operators choose to use for their business, they're investing in a product that understands when it comes to business, the only time one-size-fits-all is when it's made to measure. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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