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Customizing your scheduling experience with and Google Meet

Assantewa Heubi
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Customizing your scheduling experience with and Google Meet

What is is a scheduling infrastructure platform for everyone. We've built a product that’s simple to use and highly accessible and can easily be incorporated as part of how you already live and work. Anyone can benefit from using the infrastructure that provides since the platform is friendly, flexible, and scalable. Our product is impactful regardless of the size of your organization, or the technical expertise of the personnel interfacing with our product.'s intuitive and minimalist UI, combined with its ever-growing app store, means that professionals, students, and seniors can access the tools they need to save time by gaining time.

How impacts scheduling

As a product, doesn't just help people save time by reducing the needless back-and-forth that's involved with coordinating a time and date. We also prevent future redundancies by offering options for automated workflows, integrated payments, and multiple calendar connections.

When you choose to use, you're deciding to engage with a product that doesn't tell you how to be but instead lets you be. We won't limit the number of events you can create or the number of calendar connections you can utilize. We want you to be who you are and use our platform in the best way for you.

Customizing the way works for you

The number one reason why we built our app store: Customization. We know that different people have different ways of working and preferences regarding tools. Maybe you prefer to meet via Google Meet instead of other video conferencing platforms. With, we make it easy to personalize it to your specifications. If you want to use Google Meet as your virtual location of choice, all you have to do is install our app for Google Meet. Once this is done, you'll be able to designate Google Meet as the virtual location of choice for any and all events that you want.

How to add Google Meet to your account

  • Sign in to your account.

  • Select the app store.

  • Choose the video category.

  • Scroll down and select Google Meet.

  • Click on the install app button.

  • You may be prompted to connect your Google calendar if you haven't done this before.

  • Google Meet has now been installed as a viable video 

  • conferencing location.

  • All that's left to do is to create or edit events and set "Google Meet" as your preferred meeting location.

Using our product with Google Meet is an easy way to customize your experience to reflect your needs. You can always visit the App Store if your requirements change and you want to uninstall Google Meet or add an additional video conferencing option. doesn't pigeonhole our account holders or put them in a position where they're locked into one way of doing things forever. You can have different meeting locations, whether they be in person, via text, or via video chat for each bookable event. has worked to create a system that makes it easy for users to customize their calendar scheduling environment. We've done this to help people save time and eliminate the needless frustration that manifests when people are asked to change who they are to access the resources they need. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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