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What Are Hidden Events?

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What Are Hidden Events?

What Are Hidden Events?**

If you’re an avid user, you’ve probably encountered the “hidden event” option in your booking links. If you’re interested in learning what hidden events are and how they work, we’ve compiled a list of all the must-knows for working with this standout feature.

What is a hidden event?

A hidden event is a bookable appointment that can only be accessed via a private link. By default, this means that a hidden event won't show up on your booking page. Hidden events are just like regular events in that they can occur in-person, over the phone, or via video chat. Hidden events are a handy tool to use as part of your scheduling infrastructure arsenal. Since they don't show up on your main booking page, they are ideal for meetings of a sensitive nature or personal nature.

Why are hidden events important?

Hidden events make it easy to arrange meetings with specific individuals without risking being overwhelmed by a bunch of meeting requests. You can use hidden events for everything from auditioning talent to organizing surprise parties or hosting breakaway rooms at virtual conferences.

When you want to share a link to a hidden event, all you do is copy and send it to the other party via text message or email.

Hidden events are also great if you want to test out new ways of communicating with For example, if you've never used Whereby or Riverside before and want to test the integration out privately to see how you like the workflow, you could use a hidden event. Check out the simple steps below to create your first hidden event.

How To Create A Hidden Event

  • Login to your account

  • Select the events tab

  • Click on the event you want to hide or create a new one

  • Click on the hide event toggle

  • Finally, select update to save your changes

Hidden events are flexible; they can be whatever you need them to be. Whether you want to use hidden events to facilitate sponsorship meetings, organize a fundraising drive, or offer one-on-one mentoring sessions, this feature can help you make the most of your meetings while keeping them out of the public eye. Whatever your appointment scheduling needs are, you can meet them with

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