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Host music lessons online with + Sirius Video

Assantewa Heubi
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Host music lessons online with + Sirius Video

What is Sirius Video?

Sirius is a low-latency video conferencing platform built with music teachers in mind. The system prioritizes audio quality to ensure that teachers and students can communicate effectively with each other. Sirius accomplishes this by transmitting uncompressed sound at high bitrates without using filters such as auto gain or noise suppression. The platform is 100% browser-based; you don’t have to install anything or download any packages. In addition, Sirius video is also GDPR compliant and comes with built-in tools like a virtual metronome and tuner. All of these features together mean that Sirius is a video conferencing platform uniquely suited to meeting the needs of music teachers and students alike.

Sirius and Cal

Sirius is an excellent virtual classroom that can host individual or group music lessons. However, it’s not a calendar scheduling platform. There’s still the issue of coordinating schedules, payments, and recurring events. This is where comes in. We're an easy-to-use scheduling infrastructure platform that’s privacy compliant and white-label friendly. users can connect their accounts to Sirius to have the best of both worlds. communicates with your calendar, manages bookings, and can process payments via Stripe, while Sirius video acts as your virtual meeting location. Using means you don’t have to go back and forth via phone tag or endless email chains to coordinate classes with your students or their parents. All you need to do is share your booking link or embed it on your website.

How to install Sirius Video

  • Log in to your account

  • Visit the app store

  • Choose Video from the featured categories

  • Select the Sirius video app

  • Hit the install button

  • Go to the events section of your account

  • Choose or create a bookable event

  • Choose Sirius as your meeting location

  • Paste your Sirius link in the URL field

  • Hit the update button

  • Finally, select the save button

Using Sirius with makes it easy for music teachers and students to connect, grow, and learn. Sirius provides a virtual environment built with music in mind, while takes care of all your scheduling needs so that you can focus on what matters. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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