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How Calendar Scheduling Impacts Customers And Clients

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Assantewa Heubi
Assantewa Heubi

How Calendar Scheduling Impacts Customers And Clients

We often talk about how calendar scheduling helps businesses and organizations. However, we rarely discuss the impact on the other side of the desk. Calendar scheduling can make a big difference for clients. It can be frustrating as a customer to never know when your concerns will be addressed. Customers often have to play endless voicemail and email tag to get a simple answer.

I know that the time I've spent waiting on hold for customer service is time that I wish I could have used differently. Very few companies talk publicly about how inefficiencies impact the client. This doesn't mean they're unaware; it just means that the topic isn't part of the common organizational zeitgeist. The problem is that they tend to be deprioritized when we don't talk about such subjects. An example of this can be found when looking at calendar scheduling. Many people will talk about how calendar scheduling will save your employees time, but they won't necessarily point out that it will also be life-changing for the clients.

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However, some people do things differently. There are organizations that don't just value the time of their employees, they also value the time of their patrons, and they show that they respect this time by offering options that allow the patrons to book appointments.

As a client, few things communicate respect as sincerely as being given a direct constructive answer to your question. Clients often call customer service numbers only to reach automated operators that cannot recognize our everyday language. Some customers use chat thinking they will be able to speak to another person, only to encounter a chatbot that doesn't understand the details of the scenario.

The bottom line is that automated voice message systems and chats often aren't answers; they're blanks. These systems are great for addressing frequently asked questions like operating hours or locations, but they can't help you if they don't have a script for your specific problem that uses the exact words to describe the situation.

This is where calendar scheduling can immediately and positively impact the client experience. Instead of having to engage in back and forth with machines or wait endlessly on hold, calendar scheduling lets clients book a designated time and date when they can speak to a human about their problem. This meeting can happen in person, over the phone, or via video chat, and customers can use the time they would have to wait on hold to attend to other tasks they need to complete. It also means that clients don't have to try and figure out the exact wording that the chatbot will understand.

Using calendar scheduling systems like is a great way to streamline your support and let clients know that you value them and respect their time.

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