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How to use routing forms for online appointment booking

Assantewa Heubi
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How to use routing forms for online appointment booking

What are routing forms?'s routing forms app is one of many modular tools organizations can use to help ensure that appointment bookers are effortlessly connected with the right person or event. Routing forms work by allowing account holders to create inputs that the booker can fill to generate data. This information can then route the booker to the correct event or team member, as defined by the account holder. Routing forms saves time by allowing teams and organizations to bypass redundancies that could be caused by an individual booking an appointment with the wrong representative or choosing the right representative but the wrong appointment type. 

How do you use routing forms?

Routing forms are easy to use and install because they are a modular app. This means that if you do not need the functionality that routing forms provide, you can simply opt not to use it. However, if you ever change your mind, it's merely a matter of visiting the Cal App Store to install the free app.

How to setup routing forms? 

  • Login to your account

  • Go to the app store

  • Search for the Routing Forms app

  • Select the Routing Forms app

  • Select the install button in the upper right-hand corner

  • Now select the new routing forms icon from your menu

  • Click the +New label to create your first routing form

  • Name the form and add a short description

  • Click Continue

  • Select the form tab and add your first input field

  • Click the +Add Field button if you would like to add multiple fields to your form

  • Click the save button

  • Next, select the routing tab

  • Use the dropdown menu to choose your routing path

  • Click the +Add Rout button to create additional paths for this form

  • Select the +Add Rules button to customize the path further

  • Finally, as always, click the save button in the upper right-hand corner is more than just an open-source Calendly alternative; it's an entire scheduling infrastructure platform. Cal understands that different workflows and organizational structures require different customizable, time-based environments. We also know that not everyone has the time to invest in customizing every aspect of their product experience, including third-party extensions. This is why we've invested in creating modular apps that allow individuals, teams, and communities to customize their experience in a plug-and-play type manner. These tools ensure that our product is just as welcoming for those who love coding and those who are fans of a low or no-code environment. If you'd like to try's dynamic and flexible calendar scheduling infrastructure, click the link below. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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