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Is it rude to send your calendar link?

Sydney Olejnik
Sydney OlejnikAdministrative Coordinator
Is it rude to send your calendar link?

Is it rude to send your calendar link?

Ok so we all saw the blowup on Twitter in January about the whole Calendly link controversy, and if you didn’t, check out this tweet that started it all:

TLDR; when it comes to sending calendar links via email for scheduling, is it productive or just downright offensive? To send or not to send, that is the question.

Of course, with Twitter being the platform that it is, people fired back and forth with some scheduling comedy gold.

Regardless, it does still beg the question should I kick over my link or send them my availability?

Especially when you start using a scheduler for the first time, it can be difficult to navigate polite etiquette in the virtual world. Just like anything else, it can take some getting used to and some finessing - after all, no person is a master at any skill when they first begin.

We come up with the simple answer: why not both? When scheduling with someone that you’re not sure how they’ll take it send over something along the lines of:

"Wanna book my or can you send me yours?”

“I typically use to schedule my meetings, feel free to click that link or send over some times that would work best for you!”

“Feel free to send over some days and times that work well for you, or check out my calendar at to book an availability in real-time that aligns with your schedule!”

At, we have built a scheduling platform that is made to take the stress out of scheduling. The intent is to make it easier on both parties, allowing each one to express their availability without having to fire back and forth in emails.

Regardless of how good our product is (we’re not biased at all), clear communication is key in any scheduling system. Keeping it simple with is a perfect way to reduce unnecessary stress for all involved. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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