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Photography Client Questionnaire: The Essential Questions to Ask

Richard Poelderl
Richard Poelderl
Photography Client Questionnaire: The Essential Questions to Ask

Gathering client information and understanding their expectations is crucial for photographers to deliver exceptional service. Photographers can reduce stress, improve the photography session, and ensure a smooth workflow by utilizing client questionnaires. Real-world examples include understanding a client's preferred style, camera, or location, which enables photographers to better prepare and offer a personalized experience. Photographers can use scheduling infrastructure products like on their own or in combination with apps like Typeform to save time by automating the questionnaire process.

The importance of gathering client information

Gathering information about clients and understanding their expectations is crucial for a successful photography session. For example, knowing a family's love for nature could inspire the idea for an outdoor shoot in a beautiful park, while learning about a couple's favorite hobbies could lead to a unique and personalized engagement session. By obtaining these details, you can be prepared, reduce stress and enhance the photography experience for both you and your clients.

Some examples of how gathering client information can improve a session include:

  1. A photographer learning that a couple got engaged at a specific location, then incorporating that spot into their engagement shoot to make the session more meaningful.

  2. Discovering that a family has a beloved pet and including the pet in their family portraits results in cherished memories and photos.

  3. Understanding a client's preferred color palette or style, allowing the photographer to suggest wardrobe options that will complement the session's aesthetic. In fact, the following sections include some information we think you should always have at hand for your next session:

Client information

Collecting client information in the form of details such as names, contact details, and recent photos can help photographers create a personal connection and better communicate their ideas with their clients. A recent image can be particularly useful in identifying clients during the first meeting.

Due date

For other photo sessions like maternity or newborn photography, knowing the due date is essential for scheduling the photo session at the appropriate time.

Multiple-choice and open-ended questions

Including a mix of multiple-choice and open-ended questions in the questionnaire allows clients to express their ideas and preferences while giving photographers the flexibility to make informed photography business decisions.

20+ questions to include in your photography questionnaires

This section will be fun and good for some inspiration. We've collected some questions we've seen photographers use to prepare their sessions.

  1. What type of session are you interested in?

    • Helps photographers prepare the appropriate equipment and settings.

  2. Do you have a preferred location for the shoot?

    • It enables photographers to scout the location beforehand and plan accordingly.

  3. What is your preferred photography style (candid, posed, etc.)?

    • Allows photographers to tailor their approach to the client's taste.

  4. Are there any specific poses or shots you would like to include?

    • Ensures the photographer captures the client's desired moments.

  5. Are there any props or wardrobe changes you would like to incorporate?

    • Allows photographers to plan for additional setup and timing needs.

  6. Do you have any color preferences for the session's theme or backdrop?

    • It helps photographers choose appropriate backdrops and props.

  7. What is the purpose of the photos (e.g., personal use, marketing, event)?

    • Guides photographers in delivering the right type of images.

  8. How did you hear about our services (e.g., referral, website, social media)?

    • It helps photographers understand their marketing effectiveness.

  9. Are there any specific editing requests for the final images?

    • Provides guidance on post-processing preferences.

  10. Are there any must-have shots or moments you want to be captured?

    • Ensures essential moments are not missed.

  11. What do you like most about our photography style or portfolio?

    • Offers insight into the client's expectations and preferences.

  12. Is there a specific mood or theme you would like for the session?

    • It helps photographers create a cohesive and tailored experience.

  13. Will there be any pets or additional subjects involved in the session?

    • Allows for proper preparation and handling.

  14. Are there any deadlines for the delivery of the final images?

    • Ensures photographers can meet clients' expectations and plan their workflow accordingly.

  15. What type of products are you interested in (e.g., prints, digital files, albums)?

    • Guides photographers in offering appropriate product options.

  16. What is one fun fact about you or your family that could help me capture your personalities better?

    • It allows photographers to understand and incorporate the client's character into the session.

  17. Do you have any concerns or hesitations about the session that you would like to discuss?

    • Allows photographers to address any worries and ensure a comfortable experience.

  18. What type of photography session are you booking (e.g., family, maternity)?

    • It helps photographers prepare accordingly for the specific type of session.

  19. Are there any special memories or stories you would like the photos to convey?

    • Guides photographers in capturing meaningful moments that resonate with the client.

Include interactive images and examples

To make your photography questionnaires more engaging, consider incorporating interactive images, recent client photos, or examples of your work. If you can't do that, make sure to link to your website portfolio or your social media and blog posts instead. This provides clients with visual inspiration and helps them better describe and understand your photography style and capabilities. Including a mix of different types of images can also demonstrate your versatility and encourage clients to explore more creative options for their session.

In conclusion

An effective photography session questionnaire also helps you gather essential information about your clients, understand their expectations, and ultimately create a more personalized and enjoyable photography session. By including your questionnaire in a form with a comprehensive list of questions, using interactive images and examples, and hosting your questionnaires on a user-friendly platform, you can enhance your clients' experience and produce memorable, high-quality photos.

Set up your photography client questionnaire on is an excellent platform for setting up your photography client questionnaires. It streamlines the process, making it easy for clients to fill out photography and submit their information. Here are the steps to create and customize a photography business questionnaire template using

  1. Log into your account.

  2. Select the "Event Types" tab and then select the "New" button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

  3. Name your event and add a description.

  4. Specify the length of time for your event.

  5. Click the "Continue" button.

  6. Select the "Availability" tab on the left-hand side of the event dashboard.

  7. Select the work schedule that you want to apply to this event.

  8. Click the "Save" button in the upper right-hand corner.

  9. Select the "Advanced" tab on the left-hand side of the event.

  10. Scroll down to "Booking Questions."

  11. Click "+ Add A Question."

You can now take complete control of the questions presented on your booking page. Name and email are required fields, of course, but you can edit the labels for specific questions and re-order them as you wish. We also used to add "Additional notes" as an optional question; you can now hide or edit this as needed. We have input types for short & long text, phone, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns, and more!

How users ensure great photography sessions

Miguel Rosenstok makes sure to ask about the date of the shooting.

Justine Putigny asks photography clients to include the address of the shoot.

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