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Scheduling for influencers

Sydney Olejnik
Sydney OlejnikAdministrative Coordinator
Scheduling for influencers for Influencers

We all know that trends for influencers are on the rise. Everything from TikTok to Instagram to Twitter, we see a world that is full of Influencers ranging from celebrities to those just starting out.

As social media grows, we're all tempted to look to the bigger followings and think of "influencers" solely as the person with 1.4 million followers and thousands of comments on their content. However, the reality is that everyone starts somewhere. At the beginning of their influencer journey, not everyone will be verified, or have enough revenue in the early stages to hire an assistant, or scheduler.

How does help? is here to help those that need support, even without the big checkmark next to their name. Cal is a scheduling platform app with built-in video calling and payment processing integrations. It can be used for any type of scheduling and appointment setting you can think of - from group meetings with sponsors to a remote meet and greet with one of your fans or even a potential new brand.

One of the best things about is how simply it can be integrated into your preexisting online presence. Use it with Google Calendar, Apple ICal, Microsoft Outlook, whatever system you're using. Easily kick your link out to people that need to get in contact with you, and make it even more hassle free with the ability to choose when you're taking calls. is here to help you succeed.

Want to see how to link to your instagram? Check out Cal for Instagram. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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