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Scheduling for journalists by

Assantewa Heubi
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Scheduling for journalists by

Scheduling For Journalists By

The stories journalists tell are important. They help us to understand the political landscapes, scientific breakthroughs, and concerns of citizens in far-flung reaches of the world. The field of journalism is constantly evolving. First, there were newspapers, then radio, next came television; now we're in the age of podcasts, and twitter feeds. People are at the core of every story. The things they've witnessed, what they've lived through, their achievements and failures.

Journalists capture history as it happens by chronicling the impact of local affairs. These events can include things like Shakespeare in the park, the closure of local businesses, or the decisions of community leaders. Journalism is an art form and an industry that is centred around people. Even when journalists are stationed in foreign lands, working far from family and friends, their stories are those of community or human experience.

Journalism comes in a wide variety of formats and styles. For example, long-form investigative pieces, like those done by the Spotlight team, can take months or years to complete. On the other hand, ultra short-form journalism also exists. It can be found on social media platforms and helps people stay up-to-date with the latest events in their community.

All forms of Journalism require research, and a ton of this research can be done by utilising search engines, or accessing public records. However, the rest of it requires communicating directly with other people, either over the phone or face-to-face. In addition to scheduling interviews, journalists also have to coordinate meetings with consulting experts, coworkers, and supervising editors. can make all of these tasks easier. Cal reduces the complexity of remote journalism by offering a privacy-compliant scheduling system, which can be used to book interviews, along with virtual team meetings and research sessions. Cal's white-label friendly platform has built in intergration for video calls and can handle multiple calendars like google, and apple. Cal is the obvious choice for professionals, like journalists, who know that time is of the essence.

Cal will focus on the scheduling, so you can focus on the story. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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