Friday, April 1, 2022 · 1 min read to offer scheduling for Mars

Peer Richelsen
Peer RichelsenCo-Founder, to offer scheduling for Mars to offer scheduling for Mars

Scheduling infrastructure for absolutely everyone, including Mars is more than excited to (quite literally) launch our newest endeavour - scheduling for Mars!

When we say "scheduling for everyone", we truly mean it. is thrilled to partner with the Life on Mars Astronaut Organization to launch our newest service, scheduling for Mars. This unique joint venture includes the involvement of both SpaceX as well as NASA to provide scheduling for astronauts both in and out of orbit.

We are able to use breaking technology to provide asynchronous scheduling for both Mars timezones as well as Earth timezones. Our engineering team has spent grueling evenings and long weekends perfecting the technology needed to satisfy coordination between the two timezones. Since Mars does not have defined timezones are regular intervals from the prime meridian (like we do on earth), travellers will use an approximation of local solar time as a reference that we allow them to input to their profile.

Check out our exciting announcement from Peer below!

See you on Mars!

Peer & Bailey

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