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Scheduling for mental health professionals

Assantewa Heubi
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Scheduling for mental health professionals

Scheduling for Mental Health Professionals with

Life has its ups and downs. There are bright moments that emerge from the dark and challenges that turn into strengths. While we don't have control over what we will face, we can make constructive choices once the cards have fallen. One of the most important decisions a person can make is to ask for help when they need it. There is strength in vulnerability, and wisdom in knowing that you need others. Despite the necessity of social distancing, people are communicating more than ever before. Thanks to remote networking applications, video conferencing and text messaging. These digital tools bridge distances created by hectic schedules, impossible traffic and wide-ranging locations.

Our new normal is one in which all forms of health, must be prioritized. We now live in a world that has no choice but to recognize the impact of mental health upon physical health. Mental health support systems are essential; they help us navigate times of transformation with strength and dignity.

The expertise provided by mental health professionals is often the key difference between a person functioning in the present, or floating adrift in the past. Today's economic and environmental pressures mean that more people are seeking mental health support than ever before. To meet this growing demand, many mental health professionals are incorporating remote services as part of their practice. There are, of course, additional complexities that come with scheduling and offering telemental health support. Mental health professionals have very particular software requirements. Luckily is well equipped to meet these needs. Cal is 100% customizable, 100% open source and 100% private. In addition to being HIPAA compliant, Cal is also DSGVO, GDPR and CCPA compliant. provides mental health professionals with an efficient and user-friendly appointment booking and scheduling system.

It can be stressful for someone navigating a complex emotional and mental landscape to find themselves redirected away from a website they know and trust. Cal's white-label options are great for preventing brand dilution while prioritizing patient comfort. Cal can help ensure patients stay within a branded ecosystem that they trust.

Cal is a huge time saver for mental health clinics with multiple team members. Cal's team view takes the hassle out of scheduling in-house meetings. Team view lets you see the whole team's availability in a single snapshot. This makes it easier to avoid redundancies and ensure that your organization's needs are being met. Cal is more than just a calendar app; it's a whole scheduling infrastructure.

Cal takes care of the scheduling so you can take care of your patients. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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