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Scheduling for personal coaches by

Assantewa Heubi
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Scheduling for personal coaches by

Scheduling For Personal Coaches by

We all want to reach our maximum potential and achieve our dreams. In order to do that, we need to be the best that we can be. Sometimes, a little outside help is needed. Life coaches, brand coaches, and performance coaches are achievement professionals who help people successfully conquer critical goals and milestones.

These dynamic coaching professionals help their clients maintain motivation while incorporating accountability strategies and valuable insight. Life coaches can help people achieve work-life balance, so that they have the time and energy to access the best version of themselves. Brand coaches are there to help ensure that your brand doesn't just survive but grows and thrives. Finally, performance coaches provide key insights to help people flourish within their chosen field. Coaching is one of the most people-oriented industries. One of the key cornerstones of the coaching industry is communication.

It's important that coaches can speak face to face with their clients and that clients can book appointments effortlessly. When time is of the essence, neither coach nor the client can afford to play a game of broken telephone or email tag when trying to schedule a meeting. Coaches are people who practice what they preach. This is why coaches need to have access to tools that are in line with their ethics and values. is an ideal open source scheduling solution for coaching professionals.

Cal's comprehensive product has options for self-hosting, and is both 100% customizable and 100% private. Cal is not only CCPA compliant but also HIPAA, DSGVO, GDPR compliant. In addition, also has payment integration options and supports video chat for face-to-face virtual meetings. On top of all of this, Cal is also white-label friendly, ensuring that your brand remains first and foremost.

We'll assist with the scheduling while you support your clients. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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