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Scheduling for pharmacies by

Assantewa Heubi
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Scheduling for pharmacies by

Scheduling for Pharmacies by

Pharmacies can be found everywhere, from big cities to small towns. They form an essential part of our community. We often run to the pharmacy for things like last minute gifts, birthday cards, and batteries. We also visit the pharmacy in order to pick up essential medication, snacks and first aid supplies. These days, it feels like the line outside the pharmacy is just getting longer and longer.

The current global situation has put more pressure on pharmacies and has created an increasing demand for their services. is a HIPAA compliant scheduling platform that can help pharmacies meet the needs of their clients by providing options for online bookings and appointments.

With, pharmacies can offer face-to-face video chat meetings so that patients and pharmacists can go over the details of their latest prescriptions. Pharmacies can also use Cal to allow customers to book a call with pharmacy staff, should they have any questions about the local availability of vaccinations. This can help reduce stress for both pharmacy employees and clients by reducing the number of people trying to contact customer service simultaneously over the phone.

Cal can be easily added to any pharmacy website so that customers can book everything from passport photos to basic testing services online. Pharmacies can also use to facilitate curbside pickups, which can help with managing foot traffic inside the pharmacy and reduce customer wait times.

Pharmacy managers can also use to organize in person as well as remote team meetings. This can help ensure that pharmacy teams can quickly and efficiently communicate with each other, as public health mandates evolve. Cal also supports round-robin scheduling, which helps to accommodate last minute appointment requests or shift coverage changes. In addition, Cal is also DSGVO, GDPR and CCPA compliant.

People need pharmacies; they are an essential service. Thanks to the professionals working within the pharmacy, communities are able to access medical support services when they need them. Pharmacies provide us with access to everything from life saving prescription fulfillment, to booster shots, and rapid antigen tests. is here to support pharmacies so that they, in turn, can support clients and patients. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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