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Scheduling and appointment setting for print shops

Assantewa Heubi
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Scheduling and appointment setting for print shops

Scheduling For Print Shops With

From textbooks to brochures and window signage, print shops produce essential tools that individuals, businesses and organizations alike need in order to connect with people. It used to be a simple matter to walk into any local print shop to order customized wedding invitations and new restaurant menus. Clients and staff could go over details in-person together, taking time to identify the perfect paper type, cardstock, and decorative details such as embossment, gold foil, and die-cut corners.

These days everything is just a bit different. The continually fluctuating public health measures of the past few years mean that there's a limit to how many people are allowed to occupy private and public spaces. This impacts print shops by limiting the number of staff that can be on shift at any given time and the number of customers that can enter the store. This has led to longer wait times for customers who prefer to consult with staff in person. However, since local businesses are resilient, many print shops have adapted by increasing their online correspondence capabilities. Unfortunately, that has also turned into more email tag and voicemail relay races.

Thankfully there's an easier way to get things done. gets rid of the back and forth endemic to typical digital communication. Cal is a robust online scheduling platform with video, chat integration and payment options. Cal can sync with multiple calendars like Google, Apple, and Outlook to ensure staff are never double-booked. Cal also supports round-robin scheduling, which is great for enhancing efficiency. Print shops can use to offer remote face-to-face consultations with clients. From the first consultation to the approval of drafts and final product delivery, Cal makes every step of the communication process simpler. By including Cal booking links as part of their online presence, print shops can bring the concierge-level service of a brick and mortar store into the virtual world. In addition, Cal is also white-label friendly as well as DSGVO, GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Including a link on your website is one of the easiest ways to transform visitors into prospective clients. Cal allows people to immediately go from having a question to securing a date and time when they can receive an answer. is here to make business easier for print shops; we'll focus on the scheduling so you can focus on your clients. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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