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Scheduling for vet offices by

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Scheduling for vet offices by

Scheduling For Vet Offices By

Our pets mean the world to us. They're our cheerleaders and adorable secret keepers. They're vibrant characters who never judge us and are there for us whenever we need them. They bring us joy and help us to see the beauty in small everyday things, like a piece of string or a ball. However, sometimes the sweetest pet can turn naughty. For example, Kitty might have decided to stop using the litter box, or maybe Fido is suddenly growly. People who don't have pets might think it's just an attitude problem, but committed pet owners know there's a high chance it's a health issue. Ensuring our pets have access to adequate health care is one of the best ways to demonstrate our love for them.

Veterinarians are wonderful people who are there for us and our pets when we need them. Their skills can include everything from heart surgery to parasite prevention. When your human friend or family member is unwell, they can make a doctor's appointment on their own, but your pet needs your help to call the vet.

As part of the new normal, more and more vet practices are incorporating telemedicine into their services. is here to help proud and passionate veterinarians support their patients by making it easier than ever for veterinarians and pet owners to connect. Cal makes it easy for clients to book both virtual and in-person appointments with their local vet whenever they need to. is a robust and flexible scheduling platform that has everything from payment processing to video chat Integrations. This allows pet owners to book virtual face-to-face meetings for things like prescription renewals and nutritional consultation.

In addition, Cal can sync with multiple calendars; google and apple are just two examples. is also white-label friendly and HIPAA compliant. Cal's team view page makes it easier than ever before to organize events like staff meetings, and group training. Cal also has features like round-robin scheduling, which makes booking last-minute appointments simple.

Cal is here to take the headache out of scheduling so that healthcare professionals, like vets, can focus on doing what they love. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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