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Scheduling for study rooms

Sydney Olejnik
Sydney OlejnikAdministrative Coordinator
Scheduling for study rooms

Cal For Study Rooms

It's the first finals week of the new school year - the time of the year when the library is filled to capacity with students, and the coffee fully flows for 24 hours a day.

As a student in university, one of the main things we are told to do is reach out and create a community for studying. Learning with peers and friends is one of the best ways to talk through concepts and make sure our understanding is thorough. Universities have aided in this by offering study rooms, and other common areas for students to reserve for small groups.

However, most campuses have the same issue - study room occupancy is often ambiguous. When I was studying with friends, it was always a race to get to the study rooms first, and even then, we found the room occupied. We usually had a choice; did we wait anxiously by the door for one group to leave so ours could join? A lot of times, before we knew it, two hours would pass and it would be time for our next class. Should we head into the library super early only to be stuck "holding down the fort" for hours? As students, time is valuable. As an educational institution, the best thing you can do to aid in your students learning is to make resources clear and accessible to them.

The days of physical paper sign-ups have come to an end, and complex, difficult-to-navigate signup systems have passed. Being able to provide an accurate scheduling system for labs, study rooms, practice rooms, etc is invaluable to students, and helps take the stress off of finding a communal place to focus.

With, reserving a room for studying is easy. Just select the day and time that you want the study room, and have an event sent to their calendar as a reminder. Students can add all the members of their study groups for ease of aligning schedules, and also cancel quickly if something changed last minute. Cal is here to help you provide clarity and provide a trajectory of success for your students.

In addition, Cal can sync with multiple calendars; google and apple are just two examples. is also white-label friendly and HIPAA compliant. Cal's team view page makes it easier than ever before to organize events like room reservations, and group study sessions. Cal also has features like round-robin scheduling, which makes booking last-minute appointments simple.

Cal is here to take the headache out of scheduling. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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