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The benefits of single-use links

Assantewa Heubi
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The benefits of single-use links

Simple features with impact

As a platform, is focused on making calendar scheduling easier and more impactful. To do this, we have various features and tools that simplify all aspects of appointment booking, organization, and communication. Some of these resources, like our app store or workflows for teams, are obvious. 

Other features, like additional input fields and single-use links, are more subtle. These features deserve time in the limelight and a chance to shine, which is why we’re exploring the world of private booking links.

The first thing to know about single-use links is that you can use them with public and hidden events. Once the feature is enabled, a new private link will be generated every time a booking is made. These links add an extra layer of privacy to your calendar scheduling environment. This feature may be especially important if you work in customer service, recruiting, mediation, or any industry where you're working with sensitive information and complex situations. Private links also provide an easy way to reduce the likelihood of nuisance bookings occurring when sharing a meeting link online during a public conference call or as part of a social media post.

How to Enable Private Single-Use Links:

  • Sign in to your account.

  • Select the Event tab.

  • Click on the event that you’d like to add a single-use link.

  • Select the Advanced tab.

  • Scroll down to Generate Private Link.

  • Click the private link toggle to turn it on.

  • Copy the private link that has been generated.

  • Scroll back up to the top of the page.

  • Hit the save button in the upper right-hand corner.

Enabling the private link feature won't override your event's default naming scheme or URL. Instead, it provides a secondary anonymized method for accessing a booking. Anyone with access to your profile via a regular link or an embed on your website will still see the URL they're familiar with.'s single-use links provide a simple option for preserving your privacy while continuing to build connections and network in a rapidly changing global landscape. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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